Log4E Preferences

The Plugin is high configurable. You can configure almost everything to adapt your logger to your needs.
Please note that there was a refactoring of the preferences. Thus upgrading from v0.5.5/0.7.7 some of your selfdefined Log4E settings may be lost.

It is highly recommended to check the preferences before using the Plugin the first time.

See the Screenshots for a quick overview.


The most important part of the preferences are the templates. They affect which logger should be used.
Templates are defined in the Log4E preferences page. Several predefined templates are available (Log4j, SLF4J, Commons Logging and JDK 1.4 logging).
One is able to adapt the templates to his or her own logger.


The preferences may differ for each project in Eclipse! To define the scope of the preferences in your project, open the context menu on your project and go to Properties > Log4E. You can choose between the options "Use workspace settings" or "Use project settings". Pushing the button "Configure project settings ..." will open a dialog with the Plugin preferences of this project.

When invoking a task, Log4E will automatically recognize the current project scope and will use your project preferences. If no preferences where defined for that scope, Log4E will switch to the workspace preferences automatically.



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