• Enable plugin for inner classes
    If checked, logger statements will also generated in inner classes.
    If it is disabled and the text cursor is NOT within the inner class, then it is not logged.
  • Add //$NON-NLS-n$ comments at the end of line [Pro version only]
    If checked, //$NON-NLS-n$ will be generated at the end of each logger statement.
    logger.debug("myMethod(str=" + str + ") - start"); //$NON-NLS-1$ //$NON-NLS-2$ 	
  • Enable anonymous class support [Pro version only]
    If checked, the name of the anonymous inner class type will be prepended.
    logger.debug("Listener$myMethod(str=" + str + ") - start"); 	
  • Enable JDK 1.5 support
    If checked, the Eclipse JDK 1.5 parser API is used.
    Notice that the API is provided since Eclipse 3.1. When running Eclipse 3.0.x the setting will be disabled after informing the user.
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