Since Log4E Pro 1.0 the Jakarta Commons StringGenerator is introduced. The StringGenerator is able to display nearly every datastructure. E.g.

logger.debug(new String[]{"foo"});

will print something like


to the output. With that approach, the values of the array are not readable. Using

new ToStringBuilder("", MethodParameterStyle.METHOD_PARAMETER_STYLE).
append(new String[]{"foo"}).toString());

will print


To use the StringGenerator, one has to install it for him or herself. It is included in the Jakarta Commons Lang Package available at
Download the latest distribution and include the commons-lang.jar in your CLASSPATH.

Log4E provides its own ToStringStyle called METHOD_PARAMETER_STYLE. One can define his or her own ToStringStyle or let create Log4E the predefined MethodParameterStyle in his or her own project. To let create the MethodParameterStyle source code by Log4E, just press the "Create ToStrinStyle class ..." button. This has to be done once for each project.


  • Use StringGenerator
    If checked the Jakarta Commons StringGenerator is used to print the parameters.
    Example generated code:
    logger.debug("myMethod(" + 
    new ToStringBuilder("", MethodParameterStyle.METHOD_PARAMETER_STYLE).
    append("String str", str).toString() + ") - start");

    The METHOD_PARAMETER_STYLE will be discussed in the option "ToStringStyle"

    Note that the ToStringBuilder is not used if no variable values has to be displayed. That means that even if "Use StringGenerator" is checked, Log4E will generate the following code if the preference "Log4E->Positions->Method Exit->Log with parameter values of method" is not checked:

    logger.debug("myMethod(String str) - end");
  • StringGeneratorClass
    Default: org.apache.commons.lang.builder.ToStringBuilder
  • Dummy paramter (1st parameter of ToStringBuilder Constructor)
    Unfortunately the ToStringBuilder throws an NullPointerException if the first constructor parameter is set to null. Thus, you have to set a dummy object which has no effect if using the MethodParameterStyle created by Log4E.
  • ToStringStyle (2nd parameter of ToStringBuilder Constructor)
    Default: de.jayefem.log4e.MethodParameterStyle.METHOD_PARAMETER_STYLE
    The MethodParameterStyle has to be created in your project before using it. Use "Create ToStringStyle class ..." to create the source code in your project.
  • Create ToStringStyle class ...
    Using the button will pop up a dialog from which you can choose in which folder the source code of MethodParameterStyle should be created. By default it will create the class src/de/jayefem/log4e/ (the path depends on your package settins of the property "ToStringStyle (2nd parameter of ToStringBuilder Constructor)".

    It will generate the following code:

    package de.jayefem.log4e;
    import org.apache.commons.lang.builder.ToStringStyle;
    * The method parameter style for logging with Log4E.
    * @author Jan-Friedrich Mutter,
    public class MethodParameterStyle extends ToStringStyle {
    * The method parameter style for logging with Log4E.
    * @see #readResolve()
    public static final ToStringStyle METHOD_PARAMETER_STYLE =
    new MethodParameterStyle();

    * Constructor.
    public MethodParameterStyle() {


    * <p>Ensure <code>Singleton</code> after serialization.</p>
    * @return the singleton
    private Object readResolve() {
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